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For Health Coaches: How to Charge For In-Person Workshops In Your Community

 In organizing an in-person workshop within your community, you are required to have uniquely valuable ideas, tools, and strategies. This way, you will be able to effectively plan and conduct the workshop. You will be creating a connection in designing and creating the community to have a complete impact to have a healthier member participation and engagement.

The main goal of your workshop is for you to spread essential knowledge about the topics intended to be discussed during the activity in your neighborhood. Your workshop must include appropriate guidance, facilitated discussions, and sustainable strategies.

workshops health coach

So, after you finish building your workshop, the next big question for yourself is “how do I charge?” When it comes to setting your fee, it is quite important for you to have a formula and various techniques when effectively pricing a workshop. Here, you will be able to learn the most important factors for you to easily determine appropriate pricing to your workshop.

  • Know Your Expertise and Expertise

No matter how enthusiastic you are in organizing a workshop, if you do not know exactly your direction is, everything may just fall. First, you have to determine who you are as a facilitator. Meaning, you have to know what significant things you can offer in the activity as the presenter that can highly attract many attendees.

You have to know whether you have expertise on the particular topic you ate going to present as well as the experience that others will trust. Also, you have to identify if you already written a book, taught the topic in a university or even gained a level of respect because of your excellent work. These things will factor into your fee.

  • Know Your Attendees

Next, determine who your attendees are. Learn whether your workshop is intended specifically for college students, professional colleagues, working mothers, corporate executives, or even professional couples.

You need to have a deep understanding of who your attendees are so that it is easier for you to determine your presentation content and focus when to schedule your event, how long your event will be and your attendees’ budget. What your attendees can afford and the time they can attend will impact your fee and date.

Keep it in your mind that if you are going to price your event that is unrealistic to the budget of struggling single mothers or college students, you will get low attendees. Thus, if you price it too low for a corporate executive, your event will not be seriously taken.

  • Determine Your Preparation Time

Determine if you have some materials that can be re-purpose or whether you have something to start from scratch. If yes, you can now create an estimated calculation of the involved hours since it can factor your fee and net revenue.

  • Determine Your Expenses

In a workshop within the community, you can include breakfast and afternoon snack if you will be preparing an all day workshop. Also, you will have the materials folder with your agenda and a small gift for your attendees. Every single item is an expense you need to factor if you are hosting an in-person workshop.

Pricing Example for In-Person Workshop

  • Attendee Fee: $290
  • Number of Attendees: 10
  • Marketing Time: 5 hours
  • Emails/Consent Form to Attendees: 2 hours
  • Set up Time: 6 hours (excluding 1-hour break for lunch)
  • Gifts for Attendees: $15 x 10 = $150
  • Food and Paper Goods (Breakfast and Afternoon Snack): $65
  • Other Expenses (Name tags, Folders, Printer Ink): $100
  • Virtual Assistant Fee: $100
  • Total Monetary Expense: $415
  • Total Time Investment: 13 hours
  • Total Gross Income = $2,900 – Taxes = $1874 Net – Monetary Expense of $415 = $1459 divided by the Number of Hours Invested = $112/Hour

The above formula will help you to have a smooth way of calculating the things you need to charge in order for you to have a reasonable and effective return of investment for your finances, time, effort and energy.

To learn more about mastering your workshop and nailing down your niche, click here. 

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