The Health and Wellness Business Funnel Every Coach Needs (pics included)

Holy crap – if I hear this one more time, I think I’ll lose my green-juice-lovin’ mind…

You know what health coaches and wellness professionals who are struggling to take their businesses to the next level (or get started at all) say to me the MOST?

“Rachel, I feel so overwhelmed and unsure of what to do, that I’m not doing anything at all.”

Because you’re working 9 to whenever and barely have time to breathe.

You’ve got kids at home, carpools, and play dates.

Your spouse isn’t fully on board with this business thing and keeps bugging you about getting a “real job”.

Or you’re over-freakin’-loaded with information, every online “guru” telling you something different, and overthinking every tiny step you ever take.

I know exactly what it’s like to feel desperate to make it work. That was my reality when I started my biz. There weren’t any other options.

And maybe you’re feeling out of options, too. Like you have to break free of the job you hate. Like you have to make enough money to support your family. And like you absolutely MUST make it happen soon, or else… it may never happen at all.

No pressure, right?

But there’s actually a ton of pressure, and that makes it even harder to move forward.

Analysis paralysis, babe. It’s a dream killer.

It keeps you from showing up consistently because you’re constantly questioning things (Should I post this? What if no one responds? What if my messaging is off? What if it’s the wrong thing to do?)…

… instead of trusting your gut instinct.

Look, I get it – you’re a feeler. You’re sensitive. So am I. But when did you decide to cut off your intuition when it comes to your business and focus so damn much on the mess inside your head?

You’re talking about intuitive eating and teaching clients about listening to their bodies – so why aren’t you trusting that same inner wisdom to guide you with growing your biz?

I want you to step into my office for a sec so I can drop some knowledge bombs to remedy this situation…

First, you need to take a deep breath (actually, better make it two).

Next, you’ve got to really get clear and think about who it is that you want to serve.

What’s going on with them? What are 10 things they’re struggling with?

What do they want? What are 10 solutions to their problems?

Who is your target market?

What does your ideal client struggle with?

Now, you’ve got a list of their symptoms and struggles – use those to choose 3 opt-in freebies and 3 workshops that address those specific issues and lead them to your paid offers.


  • Workshops (pitch to local vendors, spas, health food stores)—-> 1-1
  • Webinars —-> 1-1 or group program
  • Paid Masterclasses
  • Freebies lead to a nurturing sequence (1-1, low-cost program, signature program)

BAM – you’ve got a business funnel, which is different than an email funnel.

A Business Funnel provides the options for people to work with you online or offline, so your biz is always profitable!

This is exactly what I did to build my first business – Rachel’s Wellness. And I would’ve KILLED to have this info when I was just starting out.

When you don’t take the time to go through this process, here’s what it looks like…

  • You don’t believe in yourself because your message isn’t clear.
  • You’ve got imposter syndrome out the yin yang.
  • You get stuck in analysis paralysis because you don’t have a clear path.
  • And you waste time and money on $97 courses or the “perfect” funnel – when you really just need to simplify things.

Don’t let a lack of clarity keep you from making your health coaching practice profitable. You CAN do this. And I’m here to help.



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