Hot Dandy Blend Mocha Coffee

Are you looking to kick the caffeine habit to the curb?

Looking to make some massive changes for the New Year?

I know I am. I eat healthy. I Juice daily and do what I called the daily detox, which you can find out more if you want to join me this season and learn how to keep your immune system wicked strong. But, there are some things this momma needs to change and one of them is giving up my morning coffee so come the New Year – I am going to be making my Dandy Blend coffee again.

Dandy Blend rocks because it is made from Dandelion, which is awesome for supporting the liver. The liver has so many jobs – over 500 metabolic jobs in your divine body and giving it some support daily is awesome.

So why not kick the coffee to the curb, which depletes the good old adrenals (which are your happy engine and replace this with some liver loving support).

HINT- I think I am gearing myself up for some support with this self talk!

vegan coffeeHow to Make Hot Dandy Blend Mocha Coffee

To Make:
•6 ounces hot water
•1 tablespoon Dandy Blend
•2-3 tablespoons unsweetened, full fat organic coconut milk
•4-6 drops stevia (I love vanilla or caramel) – KAL Brand is great and GAPS, SCD and Paleo approved)
•1-2 tablespoons raw cacao powder

Boil the water, then add the Dandy Blend, coconut milk, stevia & raw cacao powder to a coffee mug. Stir and adjust sweeter to your taste. Top with cinnamon or extra raw cacao. For an extra boost of energy – sprinkle Maca. This is an adaptogen and supports the body to adapt to stress.

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