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Hey awesome health coach… did you hear the news? I am featured in raw Ultimate Health Coaching Summit hosted by my awesome friend Reed. I am so pumped!

I know health coaching can be hard. Trust me….I built a business from the ground up with no fancy tricks or marketing stuff like everything uses these days.

I keep it old school.

I share my tips on this summit.

You have to be there.

On July 18-21, my friend Reed Davis is launching the Ultimate Health Coaching Summit that will help health coaches who are stuck or struggling, expand their knowledge, finding better quality clients, and build a successful business!

Here’s your link to register now – while it’s still free!
( CTA Link Text: [Register Here For Free] —> Click to sign up!!!
(Reference Link: )

When you see the topics being covered by these 36+ world-class health coaching experts, you’ll understand why the Ultimate Health Coaching Summit is going to be an absolute game changer for those who attend!

You’ll discover exactly how to start addressing flaws in your health coaching or professional practice so that you can help more people get well and stay well.

All you have to do is register now before you miss out.

Imagine what life would be like if you could navigate the online world with simplicity, deliver impactful programs and simply find better clients who will not only follow your programs but even refer others to you.

Once you’re registered, you won’t need to worry about going broke buying programs that don’t work… you’ll have the blueprint to build your dream business all in one place!

Reed has lined up world-class experts in health coaching, marketing, science and diagnostics for a LIVE 4 day event like no other.

And the best part about all this is that…

…It’s FREE for you to attend!

Unlike conferences and hotel seminars that you have to invest time and money to travel to, you can attend this cutting edge online digital summit from anywhere in the world. Cool huh?

No booking flights, rental cars, and hotel rooms, no dealing with layovers, lost luggage, and no missed work or time away from home.

Instead, from the comfort of your home or office or wherever you choose to listen in, you’re going to learn exactly how to…

– Make a great living changing people’s lives for the better
– Find programs and systems that get better results for you and your clients
– Teach natural healing alternatives to  your community that work
– Be part of the growing community of expert  health professionals and coaches
– Create a coaching  business that can radically change your financial situation
– And so much more…

Now, all that’s left to do is to [Claim Your FREE Virtual Ticket Here] before time runs out

You’ll need to reserve your digital seat to attend so that we can send out a reminder to you about the event on each day so that you won’t miss any of the talks and all the extras that come with it.

This is going to be awesome!

Simply [>> CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT <<] before life gets in the way and you forget…

You’ll get to listen for free to all 36 speakers over a full 4 days, but you must reserve your seat right now, today.

Peace out!

Love, Rachel

P.S. I want to help Reed get the word out about the event and you’re one of the first to know!

Reed and I want to help as many health coaches and professionals as possible, so help spread the word by  sharing the free registration link via email or social media with a few others you may know, they’ll also be able to claim their own free pass… we’d really appreciate it! (Plus you’ll look like a superhero for being the first to share!)

Here’s the link again that you can share: share it!


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