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How to Create Your Signature Wellness Biz and Make Profits

Hey Hey… wellness biz entrepreneur 

Today is all about the M-A-G-I-C! Ready to make more revenue, have more freedom, and do more of what you love to do?

YES! Alright, here we go…

Magic Formula #1: Fast Profit Wellness Biz

Offer a low-cost, entry-level product.
In this case, for FAST profit, it’ll be a PAID class.
You can market this on Eventbrite, or via Facebook Event Invite.
You do not need Facebook Ads. Save your $$ for celery juice.
You can rock out the online workshop via Zoom.
You can hand select a niche or use a general health approach to BETA test and see the response from your audience. (Poll them at the end of the talk.)

Pick a workshop here.

Need a suggestion? Here are my TOP three to START with: Boost Your Immune System Workshop, How to Quit Sugar Workshop, or Clean Eating Workshop.
Charge a $25 entry fee to the workshop, sign up 20 people.

MAKE: $500 in 1 hour. REPEAT 2x/month = $1000/month

Offer a FREE discovery call at the end of the workshop. At the end of this call, you will offer your private coaching. Secret tip: Offer a deal if they sign up during the call, reward them for saying YES! Example: Save $100-200 on a 3 or 6 month package if you sign up today.

Boom! You just made your FIRST $2000/month (and this doesn’t even include how many attendees will sign up to work with you privately…)


Magic Formula #2: Profit MAXIMIZER Wellness Biz Course Hack

Choose a program HERE.

I suggest: 3-Month Eat with Intention

Why do I suggest this? Because it will flow with ANY niche. It is INTUITIVE. It is INTEGRATED. It is FUNCTIONAL. It is NEW and FRESH.
Take each guide and break down each topic into pre-recorded videos.
Upload these videos to Vimeo or Youtube with unlisted access only through the direct link share.
Drip the content out to your clients, week-by-week. You can do this via email to keep it really simple.

Skip the designer sales page –– use your blog or Eventbrite (like I did).

Charge $297/month for 3 months.
Include bi-weekly group coaching calls and a Facebook support group to make this a complete no-brainer.
Sign up 10 people (this is a VERY realistic goal, you can aim higher).

You’ve just made $2970/month for 3 months = $8,910

Upsell to private VIP coaching for more hands-on support: $97-$147/hour

The BEST compliment I’ve EVER received was this: Rach, I have never felt more supported than when I’m in this FREE support group. The group alone is worth far more than the price of any DFY program. I’ve enrolled in very costly business coaching, and not one person has ever broken down the plan the way you do.

Get in OUR group TODAY.

(All you have to do is choose a program and join us.)

Click here to grab the most current savings code and create your signature business!

Plus, you get these AMAZING bonuses when you buy before 6/2 at 11:59pm eastern:

BONUS 1: Nine (9) Page Opt-in Guide “Benefits of Aloe Vera for the Skin and Digestive Health”
BONUS 2: Five (5) Images to Promote the Ebook
BONUS 3: Three (3) Blogs with Pictures on Benefits of Skin Brushing
BONUS 4: 3D cover to promote your ebook
BONUS 5: Killer Facebook Ad Image to use for Social Media

I CAN PROMISE YOU THIS… If you speak up, I’ll show up to help.

Let’s build you a KICKASS funnel!

All my love,



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