How to LiveStream on Youtube and Share it on Facebook

I cannot tell you how upset I was about Youtube not letting me just shoot videos straight from the computer until I figured out what to do.

The new feature on Youtube allows you to LIVESTREAM to your audience in groups, your business facebook page and the possibilities are endless.

Videos changed the game for me. Especially when I first started my business and had two babies under the age of 4. How was I going to go and meet people at networking events????

It was not happening plus I get anxiety in social crowds. I swear. You may think I am a social butterfly but it is the opposite. I am an introvert.

I needed to learn a simple way to build my brand, grow my list and get my message out to the world — hello, Video Marketing.

Back then I had no idea how powerful videos would be or how they would help me grow my business but my first opt-in freebie was a VIDEO.

And my list grew. People opted in and they got to hear my tips.

Let me show you how to make video marketing easy.

If you think you cannot do it, meaning get in front of the camera — YOU CAN!

I was scared to speak in public and videos helped me to get clear on my message, get comfortable speaking and get clear on my niche.

Get more visible and build your brand today.

If you loved this webinar, then sign up for the next one here.

I am going to teach you how to LIVESTREAM on Facbook without being verified.

Peace out my friends,




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