Your Niche Your Health and Wellness Biz. Your Brand.

People always ask me about branding and niche. It is funny because I did not focus on my brand when I first started as a health coach. My brand developed over time.

And to be honest, I was not clear on my niche either.

I was clear on my story and what had happened in my life and why I wanted to be a coach.

I must have re-written my ABOUT ME story 1,000 times and then it changed. The niche I had picked – emotional eating and food allergies was not the niche I would end up working with for very long.

I thought my own emotional eating issues and body image stuff would be a good match for me to help somebody else. I was wrong, I could identify with eating issues, I had them since I was 12.

Denying food.


Controlling food.


But, it was all because I did not know how to express my emotions. It has taken me such a long time to find peace in my soul, let go of old memories as a child and move into being a woman, who can hold her power.

I had dealt with food allergies, candida and so on (read my full blown story — it was intense and still can be because I have Lymes and an autoimmune but that still did not define my niche.

I was trying to serve everyone and that does not work.

I am not saying niche yourself into a corner but the more clear on your niche and what is the wake-up problem this person has, the more successful you will be.

I had no idea I would coach other coaches on how to create rockin’ businesses and teach classes, masterminds, create done for you programs for health coaches and teach but that is what I am damn good at and I love it.

Here are some Niche Questions for you:

Who are your people?


What does your dream client do?

What do they struggle with?

What age is your client?

What do they look like?


Write down 10 key marketing words your niche needs to see in your copy, marketing, social media.

Write them on your whiteboard and then join this awesome and epic forum for health coaches and entrepreneurs.

Here is a quick cheat sheet for some Niche TIPS:


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