Free Rockstar Business Giveaway for Health Coaches

Hey Health Coaches,

I remember starting my business and I was so damn scared. I had no idea what to deliver to my clients and handouts were not cutting it…

I needed a system.

I needed an opt-in freebie to warm up my audience.

I needed power points for webinars and classes and events.

I needed social media and Picmonkey and I were not BFF’s yet.

Every day I get emails from coaches asking how I created a successful business.

I am not going to sell you a lie — truth is this…

You have to work hard to create that killer business.

I felt scared when I started my business. I had not idea what the hell I was doing depsite running a commercial real estate business.

This was different.

Straught up…

You need great content.

I was not goign to give handouts to my clients on stuff they already knew.

My clients wanted recipes, and handouts that were beautofully designed or at least I learned this when I created my first program.

I am giving away a FREE business —>>> ROCKSTAR™ is your marketing machine.

It includes not only our detox and clean eating programs, but also a ridiculous amount of marketing tools, e-Tech classes, opt-in freebies, power points, blog posts, pre-marketing emails, a content calendar to keep your launch on schedule, and more – way more!

We designed ROCKSTAR™ for the health coach who is crunched for time, ready to grow the business at a wicked fast pace OR doesn’t know where to start.

You wanna WIN? Right?

You have to join the webinar and you need to be on LIVE.

Join here sister.

Wanna know more? Listen to me break it down old skool style.


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