How to Make a Vision Board for the Business Owner

I remember sitting in my office wondering how the hell I was going to get my coaching biz off the ground. It seemed like everyone around me got the guidebook with the 1-2-3 on things like social media, Dropbox, sales pages, and how to make a fricken’ e-book. I felt so lost – like I had missed something really important.
The thing is that I wasn’t really missing out – education on these topics was not readily available at the time I graduated. It is today, but learning this info can cost you a pretty penny – pennies most of us coaches just don’t have when you are trying to build your biz.

Even though I had built a commercial real estate business and it was successful – being a health coach and marketing myself was different. I needed to extract the love + passion I had, as well as the many ideas floating around in my head, and translate it all onto paper (copy for my website, a business card, email newsletters, etc) – while being crystal clear on my message.

How did I do this? I wish I could say this was easy but it took many times of tapping into my “why” and plenty of website re-writes to uncover the clarity I was looking for.

Clarity of message makes me think of one of my good friends, as well as my personal coach, Nisha Moodley. Nisha is an awesome wellness coach & retreat master who was among the fall and winter guest experts I interviewed – I love how she has evolved her message in her own business. Her biz focus went from emotional eating to sisterhood freedom.

I evolved and got clearer in my own business when I was told to do a vision board – I have my clients make one as well because it is so helpful.

Why a vision board?

Because I want you to tap into your “why” and to get empowered to mastermind your business.

Picture this – your client visits your site, sales page, or sees a Facebook post. Those first impressions are so important because you only have 30 seconds to pull them in.

What is your message? What are your offerings?

Today I’m sharing my favorite Vision Board exercise (see below) so that you can get clear on your offerings + biz vision for 2015.

For example, say you want to revamp your programs, like I am doing in 2015 with the done-for-you programs, and want the message of weight loss, health, freedom from dieting, and detox to be there. To be able to grab your ideal client’s attention right away, you need to get clear on your programs and have a common message throughout your offerings.

I am creating a new vision for my business right now and am tearing down my site – literally. I am trashing the 60-day program and revamping the 28-day. I am getting clearer on my niche and what my people want and I am adding a weight loss program with my new winter done-for-you options here.

I work with people who are sick and tired of being told they have digestive issues, inflammation, and have followed diets for a long time. I help people to debunk the many diets out there and get back to the basics – using the power of clean eating, the elimination diet, and detox.

I have my niche, and they trickle down into sub niches – I’m sure this is the case for you too.

My sub niches are:
Moms who want more energy.
Clients with cancer who want to alkalize.
People with hormonal issues.
People suffering with digestive issues and allergies.

I need to have the message of my online programs be consistent with my 1:1 coaching. By having these messages align, I can speak to both my niche and sub-niches. This way more people sign up for my group programs and choose to work with me 1:1.

Hop on over to OfficeMax and get a white board today. Get clear this season, before we enter 2015, and map out your business.


vision board
Create your Make It Happen 2015 Vision Board

What is a Vision Board? A vision board, also referred to as a treasure map, is a way to get clear on your message and vision for your business.

A vision board is made from pictures cut from magazines, printed images from the Internet, and/or photographs from your own life that inspire you to be the best version of yourself.
Any image that moves and inspires you toward your goal belongs on your vision board. You will gather all of these visuals and display them together.

Your vision board will be your personal map to your 2015 business goals, dreams, and desired success.

On a large poster board – or my favorite is a whiteboard – start to mastermind your 2015. You need to be able to first see what you offer in order to shine light on your true business desires + make your dreams a reality.

Use your board to clarify your message for 2015:
1. Get clear on what truly inspires you and who you want to work with.
2. Write down your niche + your message. What are your potential clients’ pain points and how can you help them?
3. Write down your programs and offerings and read them as if you are the client.

(HINT: Use this business funnel formula – Opt in freebie => gateway program => convert to 1:1 or next program.)

Now sprinkle in any photographs, images, or words that will make your vision board pop and really inspire you to move forward with your desired biz vision.

Refer back to your Make It Happen 2015 Vision Board daily to keep the momentum going and stay present + grounded in your current goals and where you want to go. I have all the faith in the world that you can do this!


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