How to Sell Using Three-Tier Work with Me for Health Coaches

It can get confusing as a health coach.

I felt that when I was building my biz and did not know where to start first.

I kept hearing build your list and build your list but nobody talked about the Work with Me Page.

I had the typical page:

  • Get 2-50 minute sessions
  • Access to handouts
  • Support during the month
  • Unlimited emails

EEk. Ouch. Say what?

Don’t get upset if this is you.

I have been there and it is not your fault because nobody taught you.

Before you look at a work with me page or decide what should be there.

Ask yourself some key questions.

Does your client need long term?

What do you offer for the non-commital client or the client who does not need 1-1 long term?

Do you have different price points?

If you are making or made the same mistake I did, we can reverse this.

Imagine this:

Your work with me has three tiers

Single session

2 month In the Three Tier Approach for your work with me, you have three options namely the basic, advanced and expensive.

4 month

With each option comes an additional service you could offer. If you think the client would purchase the basic option, think again. Even the third option is more expensive; clients would still purchase this due to the more products and service included in the package.

Then take it a notch further and decide what is in each Tier.

Then think of the upsell.

Then think if this person does not need, desire or if they cannot afford your coaching….

What then?.Offer More to Gain More

You can still make money online or offline.

  • Classes
  • Workshops
  • Shopping Tours
  • Do it yourself programs
  • Online Programs

Selling does not have to feel dirty and it does for most empaths or feelers.

Selling your services is about tapping into what is the right fit for your client or potential client.

I am jamming on this subject on this webinar for health coaches.

Let me help you.

Let me save you the mistakes I made.

Let me show you how to create a killer work with me page, nail down your niche and rock a biz offline and online.

Register here: Ready. Set. Go. 

Let me show you it is possible for you to make it.



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