Liver Toxicity, Good Digestion, Detox & the Elimination Diet by Rachel Feldman

Transform your Body. Oh yes, this is really possible.

Weight Gain, Toxicity, Poor Digestion and Feeling Blah are all connected.

But…there is a solution.

Decrease the toxic load.

I have heard all the stories you can imagine about not being able to lose weight or feeling exhausted.

I even talk to people who are eating healthy foods day in and day out and still feeling blah.

Is this you?

Can you relate?

I was once this person. Eating all the “right foods and still feeling toxic, tired, constipated and blah”. I had adrenal fatigue, heart burn, IBS and just wanted to feel better. I was so sick and tired of not digesting properly. 

The solution is to find the foods that work for your unique body because even the healthiest foods in the world can harm you if they are inflaming you and not fueling you.

So let’s talk about some simple solutions.

  1. Every morning drink a cup of room temperature water with juice from one lemon
  2. Every day brush your tongue with a tongue scraper before you brush your teeth
  3. Find the foods that are right for your unique body

The Elinination diet is a simple way to discover foods that are “right for you”.

  1. Keep a food diary of what you eat & notice how you feel
  2. Eliminate foods such as wheat, gluten, dairy, soy and corn for 7 days
  3. Add back in one food at a time every 3 days & notice if you feel tired, bloated or blah

By following a simple elimination diet, you can reduce toxicty, improve digestion, reduce food allergies & detox your body in a very safe and natural way.

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