96. How I Maintain A Healthy Hustle During Stressful Times

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Growing your wellness business doesn’t have to mean working around the clock and feeling exhausted. If your health isn’t getting the care it deserves, then neither are your clients. Because you can’t serve your clients to the best of your ability when you aren’t feeling your very best. Taking care of your health will help you have the resilience to get through the common stresses of running a business. 

In today’s episode, I am being totally transparent about my recent health issues and going into the details of what I do to maintain a healthy hustle in business –so that you can do the same. After a pretty stressful year, I’ve had to rely on external health products to help me keep my health on track. It isn’t a perfect journey, but it’s a journey of progression that depends on supplements, essential oils, morning rituals, knowing your health history, always seeking help, and so much more. 

If you want an inside look into my supplement regime, tips for staying on top of your health, plus my favorite products that I use daily, tune in to this episode!

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Hey there, homie. That’s what I call my friends, who are coaches, life coaches, nutritionists, functional nutritionists, functional medicine practitioners, and more. 

What we’re talking about this week is a little different than what we usually do here on the Healthy Hustle, but it’s so relevant. We’re going to talk about health and stress. 

My Last Year Of Stress & How I Handled It

Maybe you didn’t know. But last year, I went through what I call a healing crisis. The stress of last year brought up my EBV. If you don’t know what EBV is, it’s Epstein Barr Virus. 

There are two really amazing resources, Keesha Kines and Anthony Williams. I’m not a Medical Medium type of eater. But I think that his books have a really simple way of understanding Epstein Barr Virus. This had been passed down to my family generation after generation after generation. So for me, I believe that when I had gotten bit by that Lime tick, it really ignited that fire within, probably something that I also dealt with when I was younger, because I dealt with parasitic infections, and I dealt with Candida and even pinworms.

The fact that I’m talking about this on an open platform, may be TMI. But if you’re like me, and you struggled with urinary tract infections when you were younger, well, you totally get why we coach. So I wanted to talk about health, because last year, my health got triggered into this place where I was not feeling good. I’ve not been feeling great the year before. That’s when I realized that Epstein Barr Virus was back. But then last year, stress just kicked my ass. My hair was starting to thin and fall out. I just felt insane. 

At the same time, I’d been working with a hormone specialist who I thought was really great. They kept increasing my thyroid to the point that I was hyperthyroid. So the perfect storm came that allowed the EBV to rage and have a really fun time. Well, we could talk about my horror story, because the truth is, most of us have one. We have one where there’s a misdiagnosis, or where somebody that we have worked with, even though they’re phenomenal is maybe focusing on one area for health, when they actually need to be focusing on the root cause. 

So I spent the last year and a half having some issues where I just found that my body was actually getting worse and not better. So what did I do? 

Well, step number one, I went and I looked at people I needed to hire. Step number two, I hired a health coach. I also hired a functional medicine doctor, so that I could get testing and make sure that everything was fine. I also was communicating with my doctor at my main health office, just to make sure that I had everything documented which makes it much easier I found in recovering from ulcerative colitis and recovering from angioedema asthma. I’ve always felt that it was really important to integrate those different doctors so that they could all communicate. 

So one of the things I actually did for my clients in Rachel’s Wellness, the business that I built in 2010, I realized that a lot of people didn’t have what I call the connector, the person who could help them advocate for themselves and also be that person who was an in-between person for their different specialists. So fast forward to what I started doing and what I’m still doing today. 

When I get stressed, it triggers some of my auto immune stuff. That isn’t fun. I’ve seen a lot of wellness influencers who have been in the hospital this past year either with a reoccurrence of Lyme, or have found that they’ve had some GI issues. 

So I wanted to go over some of my favorite products. Because whenever I do a Facebook Live, people are always like, wait, what’s that product in your house? So step number three, I had to actually put my supplement regimen together. I did this with the help of my functional medicine practitioner and with the help of the coach that I started working with. 

Vimergy has some of the cleanest products that I’ve tried. They have an Ashwagandha. I started doing two drops at night, two drops in the morning, two drops midday. They also make an amazing goldenseal. 

I know that when you’ve had gut issues to the extent that I did, and also when you’re 14, or maybe you just have the gut issues that you’ve inherited, or you’ve had a really great stress in your life happen. I was stressed last year, but I had one of my biggest financial years. so sometimes it’s even good stress that can take us into a place of dysbiosis. I know when I was coaching, I had so many clients who had come to me, and they were like, I don’t understand what’s wrong. I just had the most amazing thing happened. I was asked to be married or I got a big job promotion. I worked with so many CEOs helping them with psoriasis, gut issues, eczema, blood sugar imbalances, because the liver was toxic, so many different things that I had experienced. So many different skin issues, and I’d experienced sleep issues, anxiety, that all stemmed from my stress and my need for perfection. 

How I Implemented The Healthy Hustle In My Business

Go for progress, not perfection. That’s something I say to myself on a daily basis. So that’s what this coach did. That’s what you do for your clients. People need coaches. We get overwhelmed and then we have a tough time advocating for ourselves because our resilience is low. So my resilience was a little lower this year. 

I’m not going to say I’m not grateful for the pandemic because the truth is I redesigned my Healthy Hustle work. Meaning you got to work hard, but you also have to work really smart. I changed the way that I was launching. So that deadlines weren’t at the last minute that I was forecasting ahead three to six months. I also didn’t go Live as much. I did Live once a week and if I felt exhausted, I did a pre-recorded video. That is the healthy hustle because I can put all the great supplements in a silo of great supplementation. 

My Essential Oil Ritual

But if my habits didn’t change, and I didn’t spend that time to do –I’m not just gonna say self-care –I think that’s the big word. But if I didn’t take time to do my essential oils in the morning, put geranium. Helichrysum frankincense, I use doTERRA and I also buy from Living Libations for my Sage. They have the most unbelievable Sage, they have a chimonic sage. So in the morning, I put the DDR prime then on my chest because I used to have asthma and by no means guys, Is this making a claim. This is just what’s helped for me. 

I put Melaleuca, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and doTERRA has one called Breeze, which I’m holding right here. Don’t get scared. A lot of people get scared if they don’t know what the oil does. The best thing in life has always come from intuition. So right now I’m even putting Breathe right on my chest. I’m not gonna say Oh, it’s just one drop. I am a hardcore oiler. just  That chronic Candida yeast infections that I had, maybe this is TMI, but we always want to know what people do. 

I will do a colonic and at home clock and I will put a few tops of melaleuca and a few drops of lemon right into that. It gets those pathogens out. I also have done once where I put Frankincense in to clear it out. So let’s get back to my days with them or after we’ve oiled up and feel completely at peace. Actually, I’m going to put some Frankincense on my thyroid. I’m going to put it also on my forehead because I’ve always had that skin and I burned it guys and I have been working really hard to get my skin back. Which is why I do love geranium and Helichrysum. Helichrysum is one of the most expensive oils except for my love, rose. 

Supplements To Support My Genetic Makeup

I also take licorice which is really great for the adrenals, something that I’ve always struggled with. When there’s toxicity, which we have in our family, I have something the MTHFR. It’s called a A2198C and it stops me from detoxifying that grea. So when you have those gene makeup, we really have to go through life and make sure that we’re supplementing in the areas where our body is deficient. 

That’s some of the work that Aviva Romm one of my favorite people to talk about hormone and adrenal health and thyroid. She talks about the adrenal on the thyroid connection.Then one of my favorites that I learned from Aviva Romm is Nettle. This is a natural iron, something that has always been hard for me to keep boosted up. I actually had low ferritin levels when I was younger. I wish I had somebody. 

Finding Support From Health Coaches (Like You)

You are the people I hire because it’s amazing to think how often we go through our health journey without that support. When we’re talking about relating this to your business, your free offers, your workshops, and your freebies and the content that you include. Speak about it daily, that’s how people get to know you. That’s how people also get to know that this is part of your health journey. 

That was the very thing that I did on my personal page on Facebook. Before I had a Facebook business page that was gaining interaction, I made sure I showed up and I talked about exactly what I’m talking about with you today. Talking about the fact that Cholocal is one of my favorite bile salts. 

I’ve tried a lot guys, but when you have poor digestive health, it’s going to affect the gallbladder. That’s something that I’ve always had is poor bile flow. So it’s something that I need to use and what somebody would want to hire me and health because these are the things that I know because they’ve worked for me. 

Actions Steps To Craft Your Health Story

I want you actually before we go into this next step, this next part of this health convo, I want you to write down what are you doing with your life every day? What are your habits? I know that I added a new truffle, which was a hair supplement when I started seeing my hair struggling. What supplements do you take? Is it your network marketing company? Is it that you use designs for health pure encapsulation?

I want you to write this down because it is part of your story. It’s not that your whole business is about you. But your client needs to see you as the influencer and you are an influencer by even sitting here and saying these are my favorite. I’m positioning myself as that expert. So when I say that I have found these really cool supplements for the microbiome. We are actually not just on megaspore. But we’re on the three-part system which has worked amazing for me. 

The last thing –my brain can go many different places –but I’ve never been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. I’ve never put a diagnosis on anything. I was told by top geneticists that I have every gene for an autistic girl, something I knew in my gut. I think that’s why I was so called to work with families who had kids on the spectrum. Kids with autism. Because it was probably something dear to my heart. Also, I dealt with my children doing a lot of early intervention because I knew the genetic makeup they had. So the microbiome is something that we do. 

Then the next thing that I do for all that ADD and ADHD stuff, is I do Omari. It’s not something that I actively promote. I signed up for it because I wanted to check out the products and I think they’re really great. It doesn’t mean that it fit my selling profile. I have focused more on doTERRA and essential oils through the years and that’s how I build a thriving business eight years ago when I joined doTERRA but these are some of my favorite tricks and tools. 

The last one I would say that I never leave up, oh, I almost forgot my lemon balm that I use from mrJ and then also cat’s claw. So when you think of that, that’s 123456. All from emerges, this is really helped me sleeping, it’s really helped me to get the EBV to where my doctor said. It only shows antibodies. That’s the power of what we do, guys. 

Oh, I forgot one more zinc that I do from emergy and some really great ones they do for antiviral. Then the last one that I’m going to share is one that’s called natural Meissen from holisticheal.com. That’s when I worked with Amy Asco, that’s an unbelievable antibacterial, it works great. For me, it’s been something that’s been on board since I worked with her. 

When my children, oh, my goodness, my son’s 14. We worked with Amy Ascp when he was three, and my daughter was just about one. That was something that she said there is just bacteria from how your genetic makeup is we have the ACHY genetic gene mutation and that can cause for some bacterial and viral cesspool that can happen. 

The last one is that when there can be autoimmune and viral stuff and bacterial, there can also be some metabolic issues. So it made for great pooping, which I know that everyone wants, I use my favorite mag of seven. I found out about this from Kim Schneider. also Amy Asco when I was a moderate in group. Because we all were saying how do we get these toxins out? 

The last one I use is charcoal. The great thing about charcoal is I put it right into a glass or I take it by pill. I make sure that I don’t take any necessary nutrients for two hours. Typically, what I’ll do even is after I’ve eaten a meal, I will do it. It can help with gas, it can help with digestive issues, and it goes in and mops up the body. 

No matter what you’re doing, make sure that you are comfortable with your supplementation. Don’t forget this, we don’t make claims as coaches. But we’re here to shed some light and save some pain for our ideal client. 

I wanted to just be transparent about this past year and also to recognize everyone that I saw, either have a sickness that came back or have cancer that came back. I saw Lyme comeback,  EBV, so many different health issues. I just want to say to each one of you, you’re not alone. It’s how we deal with our health issues. I think that’s the big reason why. What’s great is this is the stuff we’ve all learned. This is what we do. I wanted to save you just some time with me if you’re going through any of the stuff that I was going through. 

Concrete Tips For Stress & How To Handle It

Let’s talk about stress. I want to give some action tips for what I actually do in the morning. Let me just tell you the truth. Sometimes when I’m in a nasty mood, or I’m working through something, I may find myself resistant to actually doing these things that are so good. I don’t know if you find that too. But I feel when the old stories and the old narratives are there. I don’t do my healthy habits as well. It’s something that I’m working on a member’s progress, not perfection. 

I think for a lot of us when we had trauma when we were younger, sometimes there can be resistance and I know that has been something I’m so aware of in this last year. I’ve been so grateful for that insight. 

So let’s just talk about supplements support. You want a really great supplement, a really great multivitamin. For a really great probiotic I love megaspore. I also love Florassist Mood Improved by Life Extension. You want a good B complex why a quality product would be in their active form. For example, b12,  b6, b9. Make sure, because it’s really important in manufacturing for adrenal hormones. My favorite magnesium is Ancient Minerals, but you might also find that you need to take a magnesium malate. Zinc is responsible for many biological processes. It’s really also helpful in that anxiety with the GABA levels. 

Vitamin C, altheanine, which is an amino acid with anti-stress in the body. You can do altheanine from Claire labs, or from pure encapsulations. Gabbeh is an amazing one. There are so many herbal supports. 

Ashwagandha, or even Siberian Ginseng. Make sure that you’ve got your essential oils. I love rose, lavender, chamomile, valerian. There are so many different places that you can buy those even if you’re not with network marketing. So my favorite is Mountain Rose Herbs. I also love Living Libations.

I hope that gives you some of the things that you can do, as well as each morning. I get up and I do write a gratitude list. When I’m not grateful, I have to spend a little more time acknowledging what is the old story that’s running the show. 

I typically will listen to a YouTube video by Tony Robbins or go on a run or a Zen run, where I’m doing a walk and run or go in the sauna. I make sure that I give myself that time to set the motion for positive thoughts. Then to really visualize, because I am so conscious of the fact that when I am in a high vibing state, I make more sales, and I change people’s lives. When I’m not in a high vibing state. Energetically, my business is stuck in the same way that my mind is. 

So make sure guys, you’re taking care of your health so you do have that resilience. You’re taking care of your health because building a business can be stressful. I know there were a few times I had flares when I first started my business with ulcerative colitis. It was a lot and it drained me from having all those flares. So that’s the last thing you want to put yourself in this flare mode. Well, guys, if you wanted more of this, just let me know. I’m happy to always talk about TMI stuff. 

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