Radical Self Love

I wish I could tell you I have it all figured out.

I wish I could tell you that it is all easy.

I wish I could tell you that I do yoga and breathing and do affirmations everyday but that would be lying and I am not about B.S.

Somebody asked me, “Why has been going on with you?”
I replied, ” I have been finding myself again. You know the part of me that gets lost when life gets busy. You know that part of us that we are born with that is pure.”
It is really easy to talk about making money, building a business or do webinars on how to make X money in X days or even how I got better with an autoimmune, Lymes, candida and all that stuff but what about the soul work…that is the work I have been starting to share more here.
I do not talk about what it takes for me to break through my fears and the anxiety I have struggled with for so many years – since age 3.
I listened to Tony Robbins yesterday, who said,” I am not a person who has an easy time being positive, which I why I am so good at teaching you how to be positive.


I have mastered how to work mindset because I have to work at this daily – often minute to minute.” I think he said this a tad better. I want to tell you honestly – life is full of ups and down and that is the pure beauty of it and that is what I am realizing as I shed my need for perfection.


This release has also allowed me to forgive, most of myself and then others. As you have seen in the last week, I have made some major changes and I do not share this with you to say, ” LOOK AT ME.”


NOPE, I share this with you to show you that it is possible because I did not come from a place of innate self love — I needed to re-learn this magic.


But, I am taking more time for me…as the pure abundance in my life can only happen when I put me first and this is not a comfy place.

Sport Young woman silhouette practicing yoga on the sea beach at sunset


If you are reading this and know what I am talking about — like, comment, share or send me smoke signals because you are not alone. My journey of self care and self worth is a journey and has been a wild ride.


I am blessed and the more I take care of me, the more abundance I have in my life.


I am a woman, business owner, and just like you — searching for the balance in my life, which is why I make a great coach… because I get it.

I had to find radical self love. Are you ready to find that too? Hell yeah…. cause when that Radical self love comes in…we turn back the clock and the digestive issues go away..or at least that is what happens for me.



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