Free Mastermind for Health Coaches

Sweet Health Coaches,

I get it.
There is so much marketing on Facebook it can be easy to fall for the shiny object.
You want a mastermind, where you feel safe to ask questions.
You want a mastermind, where you can ask about your logo or site and get feedback.
You want a mastermind, where you feel supported and inspired.
Right? We do not make 5k in 30 days without a system, support, content and a mastermind to help you grow.
No amount of done for you programs or courses will get you the right client unless you mastermind.

I know this because I have worked with over 7,500 health coaches and hundreds in my 1:1 practice.
I sell done for you programs but I know you need MORE. You need a safe place to share your truths, your wins, your ups and downs.
You need this… A free mastermind for Health Coaches.

Free mastermind RW health coach
I was lost and confused until I had support.
It is time to get the health coach support you need and the time is now.

Love, Rachel Feldman

Rockin’ Business Success Coach + Creator of the Done for You Programs for Health Coaches


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