This year was a HUGE, yet stressful year for me. Something I don’t talk about often is STRESS. Stress plays a huge role in how we feel physically, and stress is an unavoidable known toxin.

I had a busy, amazing, and BOOMIN’ business year. With that, came the pressure because even when we are doing fabulous, stress still plays a role. It’s life, and honestly, there is no way to avoid it.

I struggled with blood sugar imbalances, my autoimmune kicked in a quite a few times, and at one point I was without a voice and covered in hives. It happens. When life changes around us, the body changes, and sometimes it reacts to stress in a way that leaves us inflamed and freakin’ out.

I will teach you how to manage your stress on my upcoming webinar. Managing stress is one of the ways to get a healthy, sexy gut. I’m not just talking about the embarrassing muffin top either, I’m talking about feeling GOOD and feeling SEXY on the inside.

No gas, no bloat, no cramps, no nausea. Now that is sexy, isn’t it?

When you show up to my FREE WEBINAR on How To Lose Weight Overnight With My Sexy Tonic on January 7th at 7 pm EST, you’ll learn how to get your liver to function at an optimal speed to avoid toxic, not so sexy, overload.

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This year, 2016, I want you to never worry about feeling nauseous or bloated. I want you to feel and look as good as you deserve.

Kiss an overworked liver and congested inflamed body g-bye. Even if you’re one of those “healthy” geeks like myself, who watch what you eat, eat clean all the time or at least 80/20, and move your body at the gym or run on the pavement – toxicity can happen to you. It’s in our environment and it’s beyond our control.

See you on Jan.7th, and I’ll be sharing how I lost 4 pounds, yes, me, OVERNIGHT.

4 pounds of toxicity – GONE, with my Sexy Tonic + Probiotic secrets.


It begins January 7th at 7 pm EST.

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The 5-Day SexyGut Challenge with delicious recipes begins the morning after the webinar! Private Facebook Support Group INCLUDED!!!!

Wishing you a fabulous and healthy 2016!

All my love,


P.S. – Do you know someone who would enjoy the FREE 5 Day SexyGut Challenge? Forward this to them, and invite them to join you! It’s a party!


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