Summer Done For You Programs (For Busy + Smart Health Coaches)

I love health coaches because I was one for 7 years.

I remember buying my first done for you programs.

I downloaded and discovered I needed to keep the copyright on the documents from the person I bought them from.

I started to cry.

I wanted to build a business with my brand and my name.

I created the done for you programs because YOU deserve to have a few things that are vital for business.

  1. You need to have content and rich content. Not just cookie cutter content that tells your client to drink lemon water and hydrate.
  2. You need programs without my copyright (right?).
  3. You need to have a system for your clients because many coaches are finding the 2-50 minutes sessions per month is not getting sign up’s. (HINT- infuse the done for you programs into your work with me).

I don’t just want you to be seen online…
I want you to be remembered, respected, AND paid for your expertise.

I want you to own your schedule, instead of feeling like a slave to your to-do list.

I want to help you show up consistently online (in the right places) so you can attract your dream clients.

Because in an online world where everyone’s talking about building
AUTHORITY <—-one of my favorite buzzwords…

…NO ONE is stepping up to talk about how to actually MAKE TIME to “put yourself out there” while ALSO juggling real life responsibilities … like your job, your clients, your kids, your bills, etc.

I mean, how do you livestream on Facebook when your kids are banging on the door because they’re hungry, again?

How do you build relationships with your niche community and book more clients when you have no idea where they’re hanging out online (…Marco! Polo! Anyone?)

How do you live and breathe your vibrant health & wellness brand when you’re stressed, exhausted, and sleep-deprived because you haven’t added “me time” to your calendar?

How do you do it … ALL OF IT?

Guuuuurl, you commit.

That’s what you do.

You commit to managing your calendar and running your coaching practice like an effin’ CEO.
And you JOIN ME on a free LIVE webinar for heart-based health coaches (like you)…

How To Manage Your Calendar Like An Effin’ Fortune 500 CEO

(…So you can build AUTHORITY online,
nail your niche AND book more clients than
EVER without going bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S)

Because I know better than anyone that overwhelm will stop you from sharing your voice, story, and expertise online.
And we’ll never eliminate overwhelm from the entire entrepreneurial equation…

…but we can turn overwhelm into opportunity by scheduling in time for the critical tasks that will advance your business, NOT distract you from the important work.

I’ve been asked dozens of times how I’ve figured out the Momma / CEO balance, how I make it all work, and how I went from making 13K my first year in business to six figures by year THREE when I added a system to my business (cleanse —> simple clean eating weight loss —-> paleo (grain free) with gut rebuilding and teaching my clients how to de-stress using the content in my programs.…

The bottom line is this—I created 7 videos yesterday because I scheduled it.

I built time for it into my day.

I build time for ALL of my most important marketing activities, like videos, livestreams, and social media.

I don’t skip it and make excuses.

And when the clock hits 4pm, I shut my laptop and focus on family time.

Sure, I could work more.

You and I can both work 24/7 if we want … but what kind of life is that?
No one will want the juice you’re serving if you’re not living a vibrant life yourself.
So if you’re ready to learn how to work your day without losing your shit, join me on May 19th at 8 PM EST and I’ll give you the inside—look under my hood—scoop on how I manage my time and deliberately show up as an authority online every single day.
I’ll also show you how to:
Prioritize your to-do list with purpose so you’re operating at the highest level—executive level—AND finally have time to build your authority (…because becoming an expert doesn’t happen overnight).

Nail your niche and find out where your people hang out so you don’t have to market to the general public ever again (ummm what a relief!) AND you can become a recognizable and trusted name within your niche.

Build a daily routine that allows you to share your story (via webinar and FB livestream) and guide your peeps to your paid programs without being pushy.

And because I heart my early birds, I’m giving the first 250 webinar registrants a download of my NEW #DAILYHUSTLE Challenge to help you go from UNKNOWN to KNOWN (AND ABSOLUTELY ADORED) in 7 days.


Because summer is the BEST time to grow your coaching practice.

Your people need you now more than ever.

Show up for the party webinar on
Thursday, May 19th at 8 PM EST for the BIG reveal.


In one year I have led hundreds of people through this amazing program!

“I love detoxing 4 times a year and really wanted to create a great detox program for my clients, however, there was so much I needed to make sure I was providing for my clients to detox effectively. I was very frustrated at the process of putting a detox together. Then I found Rachel and her program and all my questions were answered! I have a detox that helped me with all the info I needed and learn how to execute it in a professional way. For my first detox, I have 54 participants and I have all the tools I need, it’s so amazing and I am so fortunate that I found Rachel and her team. I believe this is the start of a bigger and better business for me. Fast forward, today, it is my 9th group detox just ended. In one year I have led hundreds of people through this amazing program! Thanks Rachel Feldman for all your hard work!”
-Eris Norman

So whatcha say?

Ready to boost your authority and attract dream clients?


Hustle with grace, always,



P.S. You’ll receive an attendee only [48 HOUR] EXCLUSIVE ONLINE COUPON for ALL of the Done-For-You Programs when you jump on the live event in real time. BOOYAH.

P.P.S. We’re giving away the bad ass DIVA RING LIGHT (VALUE: $199) on the webinar. I’ve used crappy lighting on my videos in the past, but no more. You’ll look gorgeous on your next webinar with this DIVA RING LIGHT. 



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