Want to gain visibility? Here’s 5 Tips To Master Your Message Now!

I started my business from square one just like you.

I wasn’t always a well-known name in this business, and I didn’t always earn multiple-6 figures either.

I’ve said it many times, but I’ll say it again – my first year I took home only 13k.

It wasn’t much and truly it was definitely not enough to support myself, my husband, our children – and all the mass amounts of bills that came rollin’ in with the postman.

I didn’t expect my business to boom the way it did and it sure as hell wasn’t luck either. I worked my ass off many nights until the sun rose. I did it because it wasn’t just my dream – I did it because my family depended on my income.

I know exactly what it’s like to struggle, to wonder if you’ll have to go back to your 9-5, or wonder if you’ll ever quit the 9-5 you already have. I know how it feels to suffer from exhaustion trying to make it all work, and I sure as hell know the feeling of defeat when you’ve given it all you’ve got, and it just isn’t good enough to bring in those clients.

You deserve to make your mark in the world.
You deserve to do what you love.
You deserve to GET PAID for it.

A huge part of building a successful business is mastering your message.

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Because when you can do that everything else falls into place, and the clients you’ve been desperately searching for will actually come looking for you. Swim out and find your message. It is right in front of you.

I know it’s not easy. I know it’s a tough battle to figure out your message – right? Even if you’ve already “got it all figured out” and you know “this is my niche”…. It’s not enough.

You need to build visibility and unless you’ve unlocked the secret code to getting an extra hour in the day – something will suffer because you have to learn how to make your visibility and presence work for you.

I want you to quit these 5 things today:

1. Quit searching for clients. When you learn how to build visibility, they’ll come to you.
2. Quit posting things on social media that do not have anything to do with what you do in business. Your life and career are one in the same online.
3. Quit bouncing around from niche to niche. This isn’t a playground it’s your damn business sister and you’ve got to nail your niche to the wall and hang your business like it depends on clarity – because it does.
4. Quit showing up half-ass online. If you can’t give 100% of your time to all the social media platforms – pick ONE and give it all you’ve got. The world doesn’t need you to be 5% here and 10% there, pick one and give it 100%. This is how you build visibility through consistency.
5. Quit playing the role. You don’t have to be anything but YOU. You don’t have to sound like this or write like that or post social media because you think it’s what people want to see. Start being yourself, and quit being a promoter for every other food blogger and recipe tank – showcase you. You don’t want to be seen as a fan. You need raving fans. Share your own stuff! Speak your own knowledge. Voice your own truth.


I want you to join me in two days. If you’ve felt lost in your business, alone, depressed, stuck, and undeserving – it’s time to start flipping the switch. Turn up the heat, coach.

Let me show you how to do it ALL.

Master your message.
Nail your niche.
Build visibility.

And, stay within your scope.

I created a kickass 2-week course to help propel you towards the success you’ve always deserved.

If you do not see results yet, this course was made just for you.

So, what’s involved? Well for one – it’s extremely affordable and packed with high value at only $77 for 2-(60) minute classes, two weeks of exclusive group support, a success mini-guide with my 5 steps to help you succeed in this business, 5 in-depth handouts to help you discover or rediscover your niche – master your message – and gain immediate visibility. You’ll learn how to stay within your scope when you’re hustlin’. And, that doesn’t even include the bonuses!!!

Bonus #1: Daily Facebook Livestream from moi, right in the group. Ask me anything – any day of the week. I’m giving you the support you know you’re missing.

Bonus #2: You grab one of my personal copywriters, Michelle Wisdom-Ellis. She’s offering her expertise in helping you create your authentic message during bonus class #2, and she’s promised to pop into the group daily to answer any questions you have.

You don’t have to stay lost or stuck.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime.
It’s so insanely low that it’s ridiculous it’s only $77.

It’s worth 10x this, but I know you’ve exhausted your bank account, and I want to help you.

Are you ready to get unstuck and finally succeed at doing what you love?

Meet me in the private group. Class starts in two days!

Click here to find out if this course is right for you. ← You can register on the spot.

Love & Healthy Hustle,


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