How to take the fear out of sales funnels & make bank for your biz

The phrase “sales funnel” is getting so much buzz these days. But what I’m hearing from a lot of health coaches is that funnels seem scary because they don’t really understand what a sales funnel is.


Here’s the truth: Your coaching practice needs a sales funnel. You have to have a system in place that leads prospects along with a path that you’ve strategically laid out for them.


Don’t have consistent leads? Then, sorry sister, but you aren’t making any money.


Here is what a successful sales funnel does:

  • It attracts the people that you want to work with (aka your ideal clients)
  • It allows them to get to know you & your work before you ask them to buy
  • It allows you to sell low-priced offers before inviting people into private coaching programs
  • And it creates a steady stream of quality leads and income for your biz


A killer sales funnel also saves you time on creating new content & marketing your services. Once you build the funnel and put it in place, it runs with minimal effort from you. And I know you can use all the time-savers you can get, right?


Why you aren’t selling 1:1 coaching programs


The old model of inviting potential clients into a health history and then attempting to sell them a private program right off the bat Does. NOT. Work.


I don’t know about you, but I need to test-drive the car before I spend big bucks on it. The same thing goes for your coaching services.


Your ideal clients need a lower barrier to entry. They need to test drive your work before they drop thousands on private coaching.


A sales funnel gives your potential clients the opportunity to purchase from you at a lower price-point, which means more sales and more moolah in your bank account.


The simple sales funnel template I have for you takes your ideal client through 5 steps, which you can customize to suit your niche and your business goals.


Here’s how it works…


The 5 Step Powerful Sales Funnel that Makes Bank for Your Biz


Step 1: Your free content

The top of the funnel is where your potential clients first see you. This includes blog posts, social media posts, videos, and other marketing content that’s free for them to check out. The funnel is widest at this point because the majority of people will hang out here.


Step 2: Your opt-in page with free download

Many of the people who have seen your free content will choose to sign up for your email list and download your free gift. These leads have decided they want to learn more from you, so you want to give them a killer opt-in freebie and then nurture them with quality emails once they’re on your list.


Step 3: Your low-priced offer ($19)

Once people are on your email list and you’ve shown them some love, you want to make your first sales offer. Most people won’t hesitate to make a $19 investment. This gives them the chance to see how amazing your work is with very low risk.


Step 4: Your mid-priced offer ($197)

Some people will then be interested in the next level of investment. This could be a group program, detox, or sugar cleanse. Fewer people will purchase at this level than your $19 offering, but you’ve  already developed trust in steps 1-3, so you will make sales.


Step 5: Your VIP or private coaching program ($997 and up)

And finally, at the narrowest part of the funnel is your private coaching program. A few of the people who invested in step 4 will want more support. They’ve seen how incredible your programs are, and now they’re ready to go all in.


This template allows you to plug-and-play at each step so you can create a signature sales funnel that’s as unique as you are.


Once you implement your funnel in your own business, you’ll be attracting quality leads and making sales, no matter what month it is.


Are you ready to rock out your signature sales funnel and bring in consistent cash flow for your coaching biz?


Join me for my FREE online event on November 17th where I’ll be breaking down the process to creating a profitable sales funnel LIVE.


PLUS when you sign up for the webinar you get an exclusive FREE sales funnel training to get you started before the live event even begins!

Love & Healthy Hustle,

Rachel Feldman


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