Top 5 Tricks’ to help you write an email that sells

You know you need help with your copy IF:

  • No one opens your emails

  • No one clicks on your links

  • No one buys your sh*t

Sure, your words can sound flowery and even be worthy of a Pulitzer Prize…

But if no one is clicking and buying, it ain’t working.

Okay, so I asked my crazy-talented copywriter, Kira Hug, to compile her ‘Top 5 Tricks’ to help you write an email that sells – without sounding like a greasy and oh-so-sleazy car salesman.

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  1. 1.Hook’ em like a mofo.

Your first line of copy needs to draw your people in and keep ‘em reading with an alluring (and relevant!) statement, story, or question.


  1. Build rapport like you’re besties.

Respect your community and communicate with them like you’re old friends. Your copy should feel like a conversation, not a transaction.


  1. Agitate the problem.

What type of pain is your reader dealing with right. this. second? State the problem using specific details so your reader knows that you understand what challenges they’re facing.


  1. Deliver the solution.

Now that you know the problem, tell ‘em why you are the best person to fix it and solve all of their problems – ultimately making their lives infinitely better.


  1. Conclude with a clear call-to-action.

Only ask your readers to do one thing. You are in charge and your reader wants to know exactly what the next baby step is … so tell ‘em!

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Love & Healthy Hustle,


Rachel Feldman



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