Free Download to Master your Health Coach Story

Your business will not grow, and your clients won’t hire you if you don’t know you.

You may have a suffering business if nobody knows your health coach story.

What is your health coaching story?

Why are you a health coach?

I want to know, and your people want to know too.

When I started coaching:

I had a shitty website and did shitty videos.

But my message and my story were clear.

I want to help you if you feel confused about your niche and your story or nobody is hitting the BUY NOW button or signing up for your webinar.

Today’s Task: {ASK YOURSELF}

Why did you become a health coach?

How can you help people?

What is your story?

Too often we don’t even know our story, and that is why people don’t buy from us.

This video will help your people know your message.

The message of clean eating. If you don’t know your story or your niche, picking a simple niche like weight loss and clean eating is a great start, which is why you will love this video.

adobe-spark-66Click here to Download your gift.

Once your download, you can upload to Youtube or Vimeo, then use on your social media pages, website or sales page. Get your story known.

Make yourself visible.

For the next 7 days, take the time to write down your story.

Join the Free Facebook Health Coach Support Group and get support from me daily here.

Love & Healthy Hustle,



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