Ulcerative Colitis and Smoothie Bowls

I became a health coach because I wanted to help people just like myself.

I wanted to empower men and women who feel hopeless and scared about their health.

I have had every health issue from h pylori to food allergies to non-existent hormones to liver issues to heavy metal toxicity.

You get the picture right?

Many will tell you that ulcerative colitis goes into remission and it can when you are eating the right foods, supporting the gut and balancing the stress.

Yes, stress is the killer for anyone with gut issues because as the cortisol levels raise and the gut lining get inflamed, the good bacteria can get unbalanced.

For me, I have needed to find the perfect combination between raw foods, a grain free diet and balance my blood sugars by tracking my total carbohydrates for the day.

I know it seems overwhelming but living feeling crappy seems worse to me than figuring it out. I have spent so much money on tests and they have been really helpful but also can get costly.

I teach my clients today what I have taught myself — listen to the body and remove common allergens, rebuild and restore the gut integrity and focus on lowering the internal stress.

When my body needs a break from digesting, I love smoothies, juices and smoothie bowls.


Here is one of my favorite recipes:

To make this Acai Bowl:
2 packets frozen unsweetened açai puree
1 frozen banana
1 avocado
1/2 cup coconut water or dairy free milk
1 packed cup kale

Garnish with grain free cereal (combination of chia, hemp seeds and bee pollen) or buy one online.
You can garnish with your favorite fresh fruit or enjoy this amazing bowl. You can also add more protein, by adding one scoop of plant based protein powder.

If you feel stuck, confused or do not know what to do in your own life, contact me at www.rachelswellness.com.


Rachel Feldman


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