Thyroid Recipes

I have struggled with thyroid issues for a long time and you may be like me – all tests are fine but you know deep down in your soul something is not right.

You may even have had your doctor tell you they know something is off too but the tests are coming back normal.

It took me years to figure out what to do as my hair was falling out, no sex drive, no energy, loose stools and that is not good for this lady.

I added these foods to my diet and started to see a big difference.

Foods to Include:

Clean sources of protein – vegetarian and non vegetarian proteins. (If you do include seeds, nuts or beans, please soak to remove the phytic acid, as this nutrient can rob the body of vital mineral required for the thyroid to function.

Healthy Fats like coconut oil, flax oil, olive oil and eat tons of avocados!

Plant based proteins like pea protein, hemp seeds

Selenium rich foods such as Brazil nuts. organic eggs, flaxseeds, spinach and broccoli.

The game changer >> Iodine rich foods such as sea vegetables , sea salt, kefir )dairy or non dairy), seafood


If you are like me, and have tried to make KALE your BFF but feel wonky after you eat is raw then you may have to steam or blanch your Goitrogen vegetables until your thyroid gets better. Foods that contain Goitrigens are cruciferous vegetables plus spinach, kale, radishes, watercress and more. Check out this list to find out if the foods you are healthy may be hindering your thyroid. 

Here are two recipes that have really helped me.

Thyroid Juice (without Goitrogen Veggies)

5 stalks of celery

2 cucumbers

1 carrot

Juice from 2 lemons

1 inch piece of ginger

Carrot Thyroid Love Juice

4 carrots

1 orange

Juice of 2 lemons

1 teaspoon turmeric

1/2 cup coconut water

Juice the carrots, the orange without the peel, the  lemons without the peel. Then add the turmeric and the coconut water to the juice and you have a home run thyroid boosting juice.

To find out more about health, wellness, detox or my own journey, contact me and let’s discuss your health.

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Rachel Feldman




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