5 Ways to Market like a PRO when you own a business

Look, I get it. You’re tired. You’ve worked your tush off, and it seems like every other health coach out there is crazy successful, and you…

…yeah, you might pay your office’s rent next month. Maybe.

Guess what? There IS a secret you’re missing. And it’s time to fix that.

Tell you a little secret: I searched health coach on Google today. 121,000,000 results. I kid you not. What makes you different?

And no, adding Paleo or Certified or Nutrition to the front of that little label ain’t it, babes.

If you really wanna’ make the big bucks, improve your client’s lives, and do it all without shelling out thousands on another certification, then listen up:

The difference is a little thing we call >>> WAIT FOR IT…


Love it or hate it, you need it.

There’s no way to set yourself apart without crazy-good marketing, but you’re a health coach. Not a marketer. So what can you do?

Well babes, when I got started, I had no clue about marketing, either. It was just a bunch of acronyms – PPC, SEO/SEM, SMM (not as kinky as it sounds. Trust me.)…trying to learn all that by yourself is just cray cray.

If you wanna’ now how to rock it without spending a ton of cash losing your mind in the process, I’m gonna tell you how.

I had no idea how to market myself when I first started.
· I didn’t have a fancy website
· I was NOT making 5K my first month
· Only 3 people attended my first teleclass (now 750+ show up)

I’ll tell you exactly what I did and what I do today to market myself, expand my visibility, and increase my bottom line.

You need all the marketing help you can get – and I’m going to give it to you.

If you’re tired of watching other coaches succeed, and ready to claim your place as a rockstar health coach, you’ve gotta market like a PRO.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Shift your marketing mindset. Marketing is a huge part of your business. Share it with your peeps. Like it or not, health coaching is only one part of your business. If no one knows you exist, no matter how good you are, you won’t get the clients you need to stay in business.

Today : make sure your Personal profile Facebook banner represents you as a Health Coach.

2. Share, share, SHARE. Every moment of your day is an opportunity to share your personality, your story, and your services/products with your community. Live your brand, babes. TODAY: Combine self-care with social media. Drink a smoothie for breakfast, snap a photo and post on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with one click. BAM.

3. Speak your truth. Anything worth saying is going to piss a few people off. Don’t censor your truth – share it. You might turn a few peeps away, but you’ll draw the right crowd to you. Authenticity sells, babes. Rock it.

TODAY: Share from the heart. This has been something I have been doing and it feel scary but speaking being authentic is why people hire you.

4. Network offline. Online marketing is great, and can really get you business, but don’t forget to rock it offline, too. People like getting to know YOU. Speak at events, network like mad, and strike up a conversation anytime you can. Even if you’re shy (been there!), you’ll master it. And trust me, coach – that’s HUGE.

5. Face your fears. Give yourself permission to feel uncomfortable. Painfully uncomfortable. I was terrified of public speaking 5 years ago but I knew I needed to master the skill to reach my business goals.

Today : create a YouTube video and introduce yourself as a Health Coach. Marie Forleo says to keep the video at 2 mins.

Every moment of my day is marketing.

Live and breathe your brand 24/7 and you will see the results in your bank account. I did. People will buy your programs when you follow these steps – be a marketing pro.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? I mean you just found the key to taking your business to the next level, but it sounds like a ton of work, right?

It doesn’t have to be, babes. My job – what I live for – is making it easier for you to run your business. That’s why I created my done-for-you programs. So no coach would EVER have to suffer through learning marketing and how to run a business the way I did.

I’ve made it simple, and more than 6,000 coaches are already using the programs I built for you. They work, babes.
Ready to stop daydreaming and start living your dream?

Invest in our most popular, profitable, and powerful done-for-you programs: ROCKSTAR™ + PALEO™ + REVITALIZE™. {We also have Basic Detox + doTERRA Upgrade for the Detox}

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With our top 3 programs in your back pocket, you will receive a TON of marketing materials and tools, including…

· 6 marketing emails to send to your list
· NEW sample kick-off & wrap-up call scripts with PPT’s!
· 5 unique 3D e-book covers + a collage for your killer sales page!
· 16 screen-share VA tutorials – get tech savvy
· NEW PowerPoint presentations + NEW professionally designed opt-in freebies
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· 3 NEW blog posts
· LAUNCH PRO KIT! What’s inside? Click here
· NEW industry ROCKSTAR bonuses including Holli Thompson, Jairek Robbins, and so many more!

Access to the private online forum….


A pro-designed pre-marketing kit
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…and sooooo much MORE

· A rockin’ sales page by a pro copywriter
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And if you really wanna rock it, don’t forget doTERRA™! Clients love these essential oils, and even my little daughter knows when she’s not feeling well, it’s time to get ‘em out. Get everything you need to rock the doTERRA™ program, too:

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and TONS more, babes…

“Don’t Quit on You, Babes. Buy doTERRA™, PALEO™, ROCKSTAR™, & REVITALIZE™ Now”
But there’s more. See, I don’t want to leave you hanging. You’ve got a lot to master to market your brand. When I was in your shoes, I wanted help. I wanted my own marketing coach.

After all, time is precious. You can’t run a business AND study marketing full time – even with my rockin’ Done-For-You programs. And the more time you waste, the less cash you make. Right? So here’s what I’m gonna’ do…

I want you to be prepped when clients start knocking on your door. Not just to market yourself, but to launch a rockin’ program right away that makes your clients happy, gets results, and helps you grow your brand. I’m offering a bonus free 60-minute MASTER CLASS on Social Media Marketing and How to Launch the SIMPLE WAY (which means you are ready to launch in 14 days), with tips from marketing masters any health coach who buys one of my done-for-you programs in the next 14 days, by 6/9.

Even if you have a seasonal program from the past that is collecting dust, you want access to this season and this CLASS because I am covering how to wipe the dust off, get confident, market like a pro effortlessly, and start turning your programs into paying clients $$, doing what you love MOST.

I was exhausted, burnt out, tired, and confused once too, and I had no idea how to market my programs and still nourish my business and myself. I LEARNED and I learned the hard way. Let me help make it a bit easy for ya, by sharing all my secrets. Get on the call.
I’ll show you how to keep your marketing simple, rock your social media, and launch like a pro. Best part? You can keep that video class FOREVER. Watch it as many times as you want, squeeze all the juice out of it, and turn your own business into a health coaching empire…easy-peasy.

Get an awesome program with tons of resources and a killer bonus for a price that won’t break the bank.

You’re a great coach. I know that. It’s why you’re here. But you need to own it, babes. It’s your turn to rock it like the megastar health coach you were born to be.

I’ll see YOU in the Facebook forum.








P.S. We take payment plans, so just hit reply and we can do any combination payment plan for you.



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