Free Webinar: Create your Intuitive Health Coach Sales Funnel | Rachel Feldman

Why a Sales Funnel?

As mentioned in the beginning, the evolution of Internet marketing had changed from selling only one product to the model today, which I am going to further explain throughout the book. The first reason why Internet marketers need sales funnel is because relying on only one product isn’t enough anymore. Besides, we all want to go further than that, don’t we?


In the past few years, Internet marketers used to sell only one product with higher price and still can make money. However, the competition of the Internet business is getting tougher and tougher in recent times. Hence, hereby they had created the latest marketing model today by adding more products and structuring what is known as now as the Sales Funnel.


Most importantly, this is a proven technique that increases your revenue. Without any additional work, traffic or effort, you can increase your revenue just like that. What you need to do is only focusing on directing traffics to your site, getting them to buy your frontend product, and the sales funnel will do the rest of the selling.


BUT, the Intuitive Sales Funnel I teach is about your whole business sales funnel and your client experience and how your client is entering your email list. The sales funnel I teach will help you get the clients you deserve to get because you are focussing your attention your zone of genius.


Should your focus be online or offline? 

Should your focus be on a gateway program or a membership?

What is really right for you?


Free Webinar: How to Create Your Intuitive Health Coach Sales Funnel and Make Profits plus the RELEASE OF THE WINTER DONE FOR YOU PROGRAMS

Imaging having the dream sales funnel that works for your 1:1 biz and your offline or online biz?
Imagine not freaking out or stressing over how you are gonna fill your pipeline with strategy calls or build your list?

Marketing was never your dream, health coaching was and still is. So, why in the world are you spending all of your time trying to figure out the business end when you could be health coaching?

Get ready to change the world with just one click.
Prepare to download a solution that’ll get your practice on the right track.
Access my many years of training because I’ve poured it all into this free live webinar.

Join my live webinar on Thursday, Nov 16th at 7 PM EST.

*Bonus*Bonus*Bonus* You get instant access to my Intuitive Sales Funnel Prep Kit with 3 info-packed training videos most coaches would never give away for free, and it’s loaded with a ton of clarity-driven playsheets to help you take back your time, build your business, and lure in paying clients.

Plus, when you join the live webinar How to Create Your Intuitive Health Coach Sales Funnel and Make Profits, you’ll get exclusive access to the LIMITED time 20% VIP promo code so you can get first grabs on the Winter Done For You Program at a major discount.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss the BIG REVEAL for the new #THYROIDPROGRAM, #WEIGHLOSSPROGRAM, #GRAINFREEDETOX and more.

Join the launch party here:

New opt in freebies like the Probiotic Challenge (hot trending topic) and a recipe membership club? Say What?

Come and find out on this epic night. Plus, live Q + A about how my coaching biz and how I built my biz using these programs, so I could focus more on my marketing, niche and building authority.





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