Shit gets done when you are a business owner.

Yes, I said it >>>> Shit get’s done when you are a business owner.


Because it has to get done and if you are like me, then you need to craft that scared balance and schedule to make it happen.

About me? I am a momma, wife, CEO to my killer business, and I support my family financially…..which means I need to plan my day right.

I have to make sure my work is getting done as well as being the best momma I can be.

I have to be an awesome wife and have a balance, otherwise, shit falls apart.….

If you know what I mean, then you totally get it…..

RW Set your dreams on fire.-2 copy

What have I learned from being a momma/CEO?….

  1. Schedule my time. I have client days, creation days, marketing days and clean up days (this is when I look at the big picture stuff or take care of the little things that need to get done.
  2. Stay off Facebook when I need to get my shit done. Do I need to stalk or do my work? I need to do my work.
  3. Create a sacred morning (yes, my babies get up early, and I take advantage of this time to do my social media, blog, write or jump into the Facebook forum groups, where I support health coaches.

If you want to rock out your morning, well this is how I roll.

a. I drink a cup of Organic coffee with cinnamon and coconut oil
b. Then I make a Killer Green Juice like this…
4 leaves of kale
1 handful romaine letter
1 cucumber
Juice of 1 lemon
¼ teaspoon turmeric
¼ inch fresh ginger

Green smoothie in masons jar with paper straw on blue wooden wall

Download a FREE business course here — this is how I began my health coaching business.

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I love you. Play big and do not let your shit fall apart.




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