The Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach | Rachel Feldman

Yesterday my dream came true.

The Hippocrates Health Institute asked me to teach their students “How to Successfully Build a Business” and Being a Health Professional for the Fall Certification Program of 2013. 

For so many years, I have admire the work of this Institute and the teachings they offer this world. They are pioneers in my field. I am honored to be able to share what I am most passionate about – empowering health professionals and coaches with the knowledge to share the message of health and wellness.

Too often I speak with coaches who have all the passion and knowledge but cannot find a way to successfully coach.

WHY? Clearly, it is not a lack of heart and soul or love for helping people.

Instead, it comes down to not having the right tools to build a business.

I am fortunate to have these tools.

I learned how to build a successful business in commercial real estate and I applied the same tools to my health coaching practice.

I have to admit, I had to learn a proven system. I realized there was a right and wrong way to build a business and no matter how many programs or fancy schools or coaches I could hire, I still had to do the work.

I still had to build my business from the ground up.

I had to lay the foundation using the right tools.

I learned to empower my business with the right tools.

When you empower your business you empower your clients.

Empowered Action for Business RW

I had to learn how to build my business with a signature program.

I had to learn how to manage my time effectively.

I had to learn how to create a 12-month plan.

I had to learn about my niche, my story and how to get clear on my messaging.

I had to learn how to make my messaging clear on my website.

I had to learn how to create a sales funnel that would work for my unique life.

This is what I teach Coaches to do and this is what Hippocrates Health Institute has asked me to teach their students.

When you have a clear message, story, niche and sales funnel, you can finally learn to coach with ease.

new photoRachel Feldman works with coaches who have done the work to begin building their business, but are wanting the support to know exactly what actions to take.

She has created proven done-for-you detoxes and allergy elimination programs for Health Coaches. All of her programs are editable in Word and reworded to fit the Coaches specific niche market.

Rachel works with coaches who are hungry for success and want to not only empower their business but also empower their clients.

Rachel also has a successful one-on-one coaching practice and uses the programs she creates in her own practice. Rachel is the proud owner of www.rachelswellness.com


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