How to Run a Workshop when you are a Health Coach



I still remember my first big workshop flop; it was soooo embarrassing. I was asked by an acupuncturist friend of mine to speak in front of about 50 people at a really high-end community for older folks in South Florida. This was the first time I ever put together a PowerPoint for a workshop.

I was so nervous about making sure the slides were on the USB (which I had never used or heard of before this point), that I forgot my materials at home. I showed up with no sign-up sheet, no business, no handouts… nothing. After that experience, I realized I needed a better way to organize my preparation for workshops so that never happened again. So I put together a workshop checklist of sorts, which I want to share with you today.


  • Pick a date, location, and compelling title
  • Start marketing about 3 weeks in advance – blog about the topic I’ll be speaking about, drip tips & content through social media – provide value & give people a reason to show up
  • Put out flyers about the workshop (if you’re doing this at another business’ location, they can post flyers for you as well and promote it to their list)
  • Prepare handouts & materials for workshop
  • Get clear on the goal of my workshop (Is it to get people to health histories? Do you want people to sign up for one of your programs? Are you selling something? Are you using this to build your list?)
  • Pick a way you will follow up with your people – add them to your mailing list, send them a free gift that relates to the topic of your workshop, etc.


  • Bring materials – sign up sheet, business cards, handouts, PowerPoint, and anything else you’re using to present
  • Arrive early to prepare the space and set up materials
  • Put out a sign-up sheet to collect names & emails
  • Breathe, center, and stay calm – you’re gonna rock this!
  • Nail the presentation
  • Make your close – what can you offer these people that makes sense with what you were presenting?


  • Send an email thanking everyone for attending
  • Offer them a free gift ( audio, a handout, an ebook, etc.) related to what you were speaking about (make sure you send this to those who could not make it in-person, too)
  • Remind them of your offer (health history, discount on program, etc.)
  • Add names from sign up sheet to your mailing list
  • Keep this checklist on hand, so you don’t make the same mistake I did. That’s what we’re here for – to learn from each other – right?

Trust me. You can do it.

If you are feeling nervous about having the materials you need for your workshop, just download them here.

With all my love and a dab of hustle,

Rachel Feldman


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