Which of Your Areas of Expertise Are Most Marketable for A Profitable Niche Business

The dictionary says that “a marketable skill refers to a skill that can be sold in the marketplace for money.” For example, if you have gone to school or learned through self-study how to be a gut health coach, and you know how to help your clients restore your gut health, you can sell a low-cost masterclass, and share the steps to recover from an autoimmune flare. Then you can sell a signature program or course on the steps to restore your gut and recover from an autoimmune.  

When you look at your expertise [aka your niche], it’s a good idea to figure out which areas are most marketable before you get started. The best way to do that is first to identify what your expertise is and how you can make money from it. 

Write Down Your Expertise A.K.A Your Niche  

First thing you need to do is write down what you are good at doing, better than someone else. Better than a large enough audience that can buy from you. For example, if you are an expert in gut health, is this niche profitable? Is there a need for this niche in the industry? How can you separate yourself from other gut experts? Let’s get specific. 

Gut Health is a big niche. 

You can test your niche and find out what your ideal client struggles with. 

For example: 

• Food Allergies
• Skin Issues
• Sleep Issues
• Hormonal Issues
• Unexplained weight gain or weight loss
• Sugar addiction
• Bloating
• Headaches
• Foggy thinking
… and more

Whatever you are an expert in, write that down so that you can now brainstorm the problems your niche has.  

Can You Create Paid Products from This Niche? 

From your expertise, can you write down a list of paid products? You can create both services and digital information products. For example, if you’re an expert in gut health.  
You can create: 
Digital products, memberships, live events, workshops, small group coaching, one-on-one coaching, and so forth.  

List everything you think you can create that might sell to your ideal audience based on your expertise.  

If you need help creating your signature business, just click here and ask us to help. 

One way to determine the things that are marketable is to find your competition. The competitors who have been around longer than you already have some insight into what sells and what doesn’t sell to your audience because they’re already doing it. You can learn from them and cut the time from idea to income short. 

Choose 5 people in your niche specific industry and watch how they market free and paid offers.  

What Does Your Target Audience Need? 

The most important thing you can do is to ask your audience. What do they need? If you have an audience already, this is a critical step to take. You can do it in the form of polls, surveys, and even by generating buzz when showing off new product concepts to your audience. Also, if you have no audience yet, read discussions and message boards that are generated by your competitors’ audience. They are, after all, your audience, too. 

As you move forward, determining which part of your expertise is most marketable, also think about your lifestyle and how much time and effort you want to spend. For example, one-on-one consulting and coaching are going to take much more of your time than a membership or group coaching effort, and you can reach more people this way too.  

A great way to do market research is to offer a free guide in exchange for a 30 minute interview.

Start here.  

1. Take the free niche course here https://rachelafeldman.com/free-tools/ 
2. Then reach out to us and let us help you choose the right content for your niche 
3. Listen to this podcast with Erika – where we worked to nail down her niche offers for her signature weight loss business.  


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